Core Team

Thetta started as an experiment by a company called Chain.Cloud, which was established in 2015 and specialized in blockchain development. We have worked with or built about 15 crypto-projects like EthLend, Goldmint, Crypto.Tickets, Dynamis, Repsecure and many more. We have completed tons of security reviews.

We always thought that it would be great to make the world into a little better place to work.

Anton Akentev

Solidity Developer

More than 10 years of C++ experience;

Former CTO/founder of several web startups;

Former lead developer and founder of Chain.Cloud, a blockchain development company.

Kirill Guzenko

Solidity Developer

4+ years of Modeling and Simulation Engineering;

Big fan of functional programming;

The guy behind the LiveScript in all our projects;

Strong knowledge of Solidity.

Max Sokolovsky

Solidity Developer

Worked in the network security industry since age 12;

Decentralization warrior;

Good knowledge of Solidity.

Rostyslav Bortman

Solidity Developer

Vladimir Ryzhak

Solidity Developer

Joshua Davis

Advisor #1

"Incentives architect and crypto-enthusiast looking for opportunities to collaborate in the crypto-space. Consecutive winner of Pascal’s wager since 2000."

Egor Egerev

Advisor #2

CEO & Co-Founder of
Ticketscloud &

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